Destination St. Lucia

From the volcano with avenues to its national rainforest reserve, with over 7,600 acres of colorful wonders of nature, the exotic beauty of Saint Lucia truly capture the charm of lush Caribbean. The characteristic twin peaks of Les Pitons, majestic waterfall Diamond Falls, the sparkling turquoise sea to frame it all: Saint Lucia dazzles the eye and seduce the mind and body. Enjoy St. Lucia holidays full of natural splendor and romantic views with a stay at Sandals’ all-inclusive St. Lucia resorts, for couples only.

Quick Facts
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  • 160,000
  • English
  • Castries
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  • Tropical
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St. Lucia - An exotic paradise beyond compare

A Land of Volcanic Splendor

Travel to St. Lucia and admire the peaks of Gros Piton and Petit Piton, famous all over the world you will not want to look away. These majestic cones offer a glimpse of volcanic origins of Saint Lucia, a fascinating look at the dynamic forces that gave rise to this beautiful island and that animate her still today. Traces of the fierce nature of Saint Lucia are visible in the exotic dark sand that covers some of the many, beautiful beaches and the warm sulfur springs that bubble from the depths of the earth. During your St. Lucia vacation, you can swim and benefit from the soothing waters that, according to tradition, have therapeutic effects. Who has a more adventurous spirit than ever before will learn the explosive power of nature with the only volcano with avenues in the world. Another demonstration of how, during a trip to St. Lucia, you will enter a world unlike any other.

All Inclusive St. Lucia Holidays

St. Lucia's Mountainous Majesty

Although a very small island, just 43 km long and 22 km wide, of Saint Lucia's stature belies the statistics and literally touches the sky. With a central mountain range that reaches a height of nearly 1,000 feet, you can book St. Lucia holidays designed around trekking, cycling and horse riding through the endless meandering campaign. An incredible landscape and introduces you to a lush and colorful flora rich tropical landscapes that permeate your senses with sights, sounds and smells so delicious that it will be impossible to forget.

Our resorts in Saint Lucia:

Explore a True Tropical Rainforest

At 500 meters above sea level awaits a true tropical rainforest, over 7,600 hectares of vines in bright flowers, lush vegetation, 30 species of birds and a whole menagerie of spectacular fauna. With about 46 km of trails that wind through this cornucopia of natural wonders, you can enjoy the true spirit of this unique environment that surround each of Sandals’ all-inclusive St. Lucia resorts. Embark on a guided tour of the rainforest to give you an experience you will always remember during your trip to St. Lucia.

Sightings of the dances of playful dolphins and whales

Even sea creatures are enchanted by the beauty of Saint Lucia. Perhaps for this reason that Saint Lucia is renowned as one of the main sites in the world for whale watching. Each year, more than 20 species of whales are spotted the pristine beaches of Sandals’ resorts in St. Lucia. Travel to St. Lucia and observe humpback whales, pilot whales, sperm whales and dolphins. Watch these colossal mammals jump and play in their natural habitat, drawn, just like us, to the almost mystical appeal of Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia - An exotic paradise unparalleled

A place so rich in natural beauty everywhere we look, your eyes caught together another splendid view. St. Lucia holidays deliver a tropical paradise like no other. Offering an almost endless stream of activities to whet your appetite for adventure, relaxation and the dear, old, simple fun, this place will enter the heart and will never leave you.

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