Destination Antigua

With 365 beaches, one for each day of the year, so pure sand that is covered with a pinkish tinge, and the crystal blue waters imaginable, Sandals’ all-inclusive Antigua hotel is one of the most precious gems of the Caribbean. Here the natural splendor is the perfect setting for cosmopolitan interests. Try your luck at the tables of the King’s Casino in Antigua, class, or enjoy the rich European culture that underlies the warm island beats.

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Antigua - Home to the most romantic resort in the world

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Antigua - at the most romantic resorts in the world

Sandals Grande Antigua all-inclusive resort has been awarded the title of "most romantic resort in the world." Thanks to the authentic charm of the islands issued by its lush garden oasis, known as the "Caribbean Village,” and the reflection of the splendor of Europe as a genteel refuge, known as "Mediterranean Village,” this Antigua hotel offers the best of both worlds on an idyllic island.

The extraordinary natural beauty of Antigua

Imagine 365 beaches on an island whose dimensions are about 22 km in length and 17 km in width. It is only to demonstrate that it is impossible to visit Antigua for a vacation without finding your hidden corner of paradise. From the famous Dickinson Bay, home of Sandals' all inclusive Antigua hotel, to the hundreds of bays almost unexplored, and the white sandy coves that dot the entire winding coast of Antigua, the couple will find the perfect beach who have always dreamed of. Therefore explored this pristine refuge, take a dip in the indescribable turquoise, soak your feet in the silky sand and find your special place in the sun. Our all-inclusive Antigua resort:

The rich past and vibrant present of Antigua

Explore the charming city of St. John, the capital of Antigua, during your stay at Sandals' Antigua all inclusive resorts. The city is animated by a vibrant spirit that conveys its vibrant heritage. From the white towers of the Cathedral of St. John, an imposing baroque structure built in 1683 and rebuilt in 1845, the English Harbour, home of the famous shipyard Georgian Admiral Nelson, every part of the island is steeped in rich history of British colonial . However, the colors, sounds and vivid snapshots of the Farmers Market, held every Friday and Saturday on the outskirts of the city, confirmed the thriving contemporary Caribbean life of Antigua.

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